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1HOB The Helm6510261115016
2Suburbs Piako Prem Dev6411251114013
3Hamilton Wanderers640220173012
4Suburbs Saints63031715209
5Collegians New World63031515009
6TA Orcas6105920-1103
7UMS Aiken Transport6006932-2300
1HOB The Helm110051403
2Suburbs Piako Prem Dev100115-400
Rhys McLachlanHamilton Wanderers9
Jamie EdingtonHOB The Helm8
Jason CowieHOB The Helm6
Joel FinnHOB The Helm5
Josh PrattSuburbs Piako Prem Dev5
Ben ScanlonSuburbs Piako Prem Dev4
Craig HardmanCollegians New World4
Jean-luc goftonSuburbs Piako Prem Dev4
Mark ThomasSuburbs Saints4
Richard GrahamCollegians New World4
Ash BurkartHamilton Wanderers3
Cameron Stevenson Suburbs Saints3
David HannahUMS Aiken Transport3
Leon TeaoSuburbs Piako Prem Dev3
Luke GrahamSuburbs Saints3
Marcus AdamsTA Orcas3
Ryan AikenUMS Aiken Transport3
Ryan HouseSuburbs Piako Prem Dev3
Aaron BarnsdallSuburbs Piako Prem Dev2
Alex ButlerTA Orcas2
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NameClubGreenYellowRedTotal Pts
Samuel MinettSuburbs Piako Prem Dev1304
Jean-luc goftonSuburbs Piako Prem Dev0303
Cameron HoppingCollegians New World2002
Dylan BaillieSuburbs Saints2002
Alex ButlerTA Orcas1001
Andrew HaighHOB The Helm1001
Ash BurkartHamilton Wanderers1001
Ben BartelsHOB The Helm1001
Ben ScanlonSuburbs Piako Prem Dev1001
Bennet GroubeSuburbs Saints1001
Cam BichanTA Orcas1001
Cameron BirdCollegians New World1001
Cameron DyerHamilton Wanderers1001
Cameron Stevenson Suburbs Saints1001
Darryl MorrisCollegians New World1001
Dayne DaviesUMS Aiken Transport1001
Elijah GrahamSuburbs Saints1001
Keeghan Van WoerdenUMS Aiken Transport1001
Luke GrahamSuburbs Saints1001
Marcus AdamsTA Orcas1001
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 28 items in 2 pages
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